This student takes his dog to the university

Are you a friend of animals? This American student beats you flat. He likes his dog so much that he takes him with him to college.

The same scene in Belgium would be unimaginable. A student could not bear to leave his dog at home while he attended university. J.J. McGrath (18) lives in Allendale, Michigan, in the northeastern United States. Since the beginning of the 2015 academic year, he has been enrolled in Criminology at Grand State Valley University. The young man plays on the American football team on campus. His golden retriever named Tahoe counts a lot in his life. She is ubiquitous on her Twitter account. “I do not know if you all understand how much I love my dog. Maybe yes. Maybe not. It is the best, “he wrote on December 17. J.J. McGrath loves Tahoe so much that he wanted to get permission to take him with him to class. He sent several emails to his teacher to win the case.