Canine fidelity has no limit: a dog braves death to stay with his comrade

Act of excessive bravery? Incommensurable fidelity? A dog comes to the rescue of his companion stuck on a railroad … Failing to be able to disengage it of the rails, the animal stayed to keep warm to his friend during … two days!

Luck or karma … two dogs survived the passage of a train! While one dog could not get out of a railway, another came to keep him company. If he could not help him, he remained at his side for two days.

The two dogs were later removed from the rails, when Denis Malafeev found the two animals around the station of Oujhorod in Ukraine.

“This dog kept warm to his friend for two days under constant threat of danger! I have no word: it may be instinct, love, friendship or attachment … All I know is that man is not capable of That. We should all learn from this courage! “

The animals are now adopted and are now called Panda and Lucy.

Source RT in French

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