Bretagne, the last rescue dog of September 11 died

Bretagne, the last rescue dog of September 11 left us

Last survivor of the World Trade Center rescue dogs 11 September 2011 in New York, Bretagne , a 16-year-old golden retriever was euthanized on Monday.

As well as 300 other rescue dogs, Bretagne had participated in rescue searches during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Bretagne had reached the age of 16 and suffered from kidney failure. Its owner, the voluntary firefighter of Cy-Fair, Denise Corliss, in view of the state of health of the golden retriever which was degrading, had to make the painful choice of the euthanasia.

She was really worried last night, she just wanted to be with me, Corliss told Today. So I went to bed with her, right near me. When she felt me, she could calm down and fell asleep. I slept with her like that all night.

After serving his country and saving many lives during his career, Bretagne died on Monday, June 7th in Fairfield, Texas.

A life in the service of others
Bretagne started her career at 2 years old. Her first rescue mission was at the World Trade Center. For nearly 10 days, Bretagne participated in the search for victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks.

We were trying to find survivors. I looked at her and I saw her, ready to work. I am so grateful to have had such a partner who has helped me through this event, “recalls Denise Corliss.

Bretagne was also of great psychological support for rescuers. She had a therapeutic role with all those who worked in the field and was a great source of comfort.

After September 11, Bretagne pursued her career as a rescue dog on sites affected by the great storms known in the Americas or on small fires.

Even at retirement, the heroic dog continued its mission by intervening in schools to help shy children assert themselves. The children read for her and were then freed from their complexes. A lifetime serving others paid tribute today by the whole world.

A heroic dog to whom one pays tribute
Bretagne is not part of indifference. Considered the last surviving Ground Zero research dog, the rescuers and firefighters from Harris County, Texas paid her a final tribute by a military salute in front of the veterinary clinic.

It was the minimum for us, paying her the hero’s tribute she deserved, a volunteer firefighter told the American television station before continuing: It’s not because it’s a dog that makes her job lesser important than the other members of the brigade.

Several Texas representatives also paid tribute to the golden retriever on Twitter, sharing the very moving video of her arrival at the clinic.